Call of Duty: Ghosts Clan Wars Achievements

In the official Call of Duty mobile app the upcoming Call of Duty: Ghosts Clan Wars achievements and places are revealed. Currently the Los Angeles Clan War going to end very soon and if the achievements in order, in the next two weeks we are going to fight for Ohau! The other Clan Wars places are: Caracas, Gulf of Mexico, Yucatan Jungle, Antarctica, Rio de Janeiro, Las Vegas, Colorado Springs, San Diego, Costa Rica, Cape Canaveral.

So get your control points as soon as possible to be in the top 3 position to win the current Clan War patch, the Gold Grill, because this is the last chance, from tomorrow we will compete for the Pirate Skull Patch!

To clear some things about what you can get from the achievements, because at first sight it may be not clear:
Patches are what you can use to customize your Player Card (what is seen by the people you shoot).
Emblems are what you can use to customize your Clan Logo, if you are the leader.
Reticles are the “crosshair” if you aim down the sight for if you use something like the Holographic Sight on a weapon.

Broad Clan Wars Achievements

Check out the achievements and the upcoming Clan Wars territories, firstly the broad ones, what you can achieve from any Clan Wars:

Triad ReticleTaste of Victory: Win a Clan War and you get Triad Reticle

Body Count CamoMake your Mark: Win a Clan War in Gold Division or higher and get Body Count Camo (weapon skin)

Body Count MercHere to Stay: Win 2 Clan Wars in Gold Division or higher and get Body Count Merc (head)

Body Count ReaperUnstoppable: Win 3 Clan Wars in Gold Division or higher and get Body Count Reaper (headgear)

Body Count UniformLegendary: Win 4 Clan Wars in Gold Division or higher and get Body Count Uniform

Mummy PatchUndead RisingUnwavering: Hold a Target for 3 Days and get Mummy Patch with “Undead Rising” description

Wing EmblemFirst Move: Be the first Clan to Capture a Target within a Clan War and get Wing Emblem

Ninja EmblemFull Sweep: Capture all Targets during a Clan War and get Ninja Emblem

Demon PatchDusk 'til DawnPlatinum Division: Qualify for the Platinum Division in Clan Wars and get Demon Patch with “Dusk ’til Dawn” description

Dead Gnome PatchGnome ProblemGold Division: Qualify for the Gold division in Clan Wars and get Dead Gnome Patch with “Gnome Problem” description

Cíclops PatchEye for an EyeCommitted: Hold 4 targets simultaneously and get Cyclops Patch with “Eye for an Eye” description

Ninja PatchHonorable DiscountEnd Game: Finish a Clan War holding 5 targets and get Ninja Patch with “Honorable Discount” description

Brass Knuckles EmblemTried and True: Earn 1000 CP in Clan Wars and get Brass Knuckles Emblem

Purple Skull PatchFashionably Dead patchSurveyor: Capture 5 Targets during a Clan War and get Purple Skull Patch with “Fashionably Dead” description

Gold Chain EmblemNo Holds Barred: Capture 3 targets within a 24 hour period in a Clan War and get Gold Chain Emblem

Territory exclusive Clan Wars Achievements

And finally the territory specified ones what you can only obtain once, if you miss the opportunity there will be no other chance:

Gold Grill PatchBling BlingStar Power: Finish in the top 3 of the Los Angeles Clan War and get Gold Grill Patch with “Bling Bling” description

Pirate Skull PatchPirate BootySea Legs: Finish in the top 3 of the Oahu Clan War and get Pirate Skull Patch with “Pirate Booty” description

Gargoyle PatchFolklore NomoreRainswept: Finish in the top 3 of the Caracas Clan War and get Gargoyle Patch with “Folklore Nomore” description

Vulture PatchSlim Pickins'Tycoon: Finish in the top 3 of the Gulf of Mexico Clan War and get Vulture Patch with “Slim Pickins’” description

Warrior Mask PatchWelcome to the JungleJungle Fever: Finish in the top 3 of the Yucatan Jungle Clan war and get Warrior Mask Patch with “Welcome to the Jungle” description

Yeti PatchThe Legend LivesWhite Out: Finish in the top 3 of the Antarctica Clan War and get Yeti Patch with “The Legend Lives” description

Dead Owl PatchOut of SightNight Owl: Finish in the top 3 of the Rio de Janeiro Clan War and get Dead Owl Patch with “Out of Sight” description

Money Bags PatchMoney HungryJackpot: Finish in the top 3 of the Las Vegas Clan War and get Money Bags Patch with “Money Hungry” description

Injured Octopus PatchFighting SpiritAltitude Sickness: Finish in the top 3 of the Colorado Spring Clan War and get Injured Octopus Patch with “Fighting Spirit” description

Hotdog PatchRoom for MoreShark Bait: finish in the top 3 of the San Diego Clan War and get Hotdog Patch with “Room for More” description

Crab PatchAnger ManagementPura Vida: Finish in the top 3 of the Costa Rica Clan War and get Crab Patch with “Anger Management” description

Robot PatchJudgement DayLift Off: Finish in the top 3 of the Cape Canaveral Clan War and get Robot Patch with “Judgement Day” description

That’s all, but who knows, perhaps there will be new Achievements in the future if it is not enough. I hope you all got the Body Count Weapon Camo from winning.

Body Count Weapon CamoVector CRB with Body Count Camo

It looks cool, maybe even cooler than the Ghosts Hardened Edition exclusive camo. See you in the next Clan War! I hope they start it soon.

45 thoughts on “Call of Duty: Ghosts Clan Wars Achievements

    • If you and your clan mates play regularly in multiplayer modes, there is a good chance you will be in the Gold Division, or even in the Platinum. But if not, then win a Clan War in your division, your clan will be in a higher one in the next war. My clan in the first Clan War was in the Gold Division, because we played a lot beforehand. We won it and we started the Ohau Clan War at Platinum Division.

        • You will get it after a Clan War where you in the Gold Division. It is a little confusing, they should write something like playing through a Clan War in Gold Division, because that’s they meaning as “qualify” at the moment.

          • Recived 6 patches and new retical for red dot sight score 182 4 nodes held silver div 1st place. Didn’t know if we have to score higher to get into gold

    • In theory this week. But this Friday (December 13th) is the Extinction Day, there will be livestreams and stuff as a global community event, also Double XP Weekend for the Extinction mod. So I wouldn’t be surprised if the next Clan Wars going to be started after that.

  1. I won two clan wars, with one clan in Los Angeles war and another clan in Oahu war, but I did not unlock the achievement for winning two clan wars. Does anyone know why? It doesn’t state that your clan has to win twice, just you.

  2. I think cod only allows your gamer tag to be in one clan
    You may only receive the achievements for the clan you are registered for

    • Yes, I was registered in one clan, left that clan and am now registered for the other clan. I received the all achievements except win 2 clan wars.

      • I think it is a clan related achievement, so it doesn’t matter how much you won in separate clans. If you get in a clan who won 2 wars before and going to win the third, you maybe going to get the achievement for the 3 win. But nothing about the previous ones if you weren’t in the clan who won their second.

    • If you are in a clan with at least 3 members, it is automatically registered for a Clan War. The process can be followed on the official Call of Duty app on a tablet or a phone.

  3. The App has been updated: London Clan War begins 01.01.2014
    London Clan War

    “A powerful European stronghold, London’s control over the English Channel and Great Britain cannot be overlooked. A foothold guarantees major influence and transport capabilities. To participate, a Clan size of three or more members is required at the start of each Clan War”

    • If they are going to start again at 12:00 PM PST, then it will be at 8:00 AM GMT if I counted right. But they didn’t included the starting hour yet.

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    • When a Clan War is going, you need to check the targets in the app for what game modes are represented. If there is a target what is about Search & Destroy and 7 win needed, then you and your clan mates need to earn 7 win to capture that target. If you play alone and win that only counts +1 win, but if 5 clan members playing in the same match and they win, it counts +5 wins. Losing a match luckily does not deduct from the win count. If a clan captured a point, for example the S&D point with 7 wins, they going to get “Capture Points” what counts to the scoreboard, current clan wars were winnable by collecting the most Capture Points. After that when some other clan wins a match in S&D it not counts toward to their winnings (only if the same clan plays who captured the target, they can toughen the target with some more winning). The other clans need to “destroy” the S&D target, so the other clans winnings going to deduct from the target holding clan winnings. If the target was destroyed, then still need to win the 7 wins in our example to get the point. So basically if a target is empty with 7 winnings needed, then it needs 7 wins to capture, but if it is already captured, then it needs 7+7 wins to destroy and conquer and maybe a little more if the owner clan toughen it.

  5. Hi I unlocked the first red mask which was win two clan wars I think that’s from being in the top three right.? Not first place? Cause we just won another in the top three and unlocked the patch but not the second I think it’s the unstoppable mask… Why did we not unlock it and unlocked the first?

    • Hi! I think the system was buggy in the last war (London) it gave the body count stuff not for only the first ones. From the achievement description it should be only received by the first clan in gold/platinum. My clan got the second place at the London war, still received the Body Count Uniform (it counted like we won for the 4th time, before we were the first for 3 times). They probably fixed this bug for the recent Rio De Janeiro clan war.

      • So you need to be first place to get the masks and camos? That sucks my clan kept just trying to at least get top three since we got one mask… Thanks for the reply I guess we gotta try harder next time. It is glitchy cause we got top three for the owl patch and we have it and in achievements says we don’t and it says two of the same mask….

  6. I was in a platnum clan before i made my own and we one first place. I got my body count camo. Then I created my own clan and we played the Rio clan wars and we got 1st place in gold league I didn’t get by body count mask for winning two clans wars gold or above. One of the members in my clan Also had been in a platnum clan who won first place and then joined mine Nd won first place for the second time in a different clan and still got his mask. So I don’t think it is a clann issue….

  7. I accidentally left my clan in the middle of a clan war but joined again before it was over. My clan won am I still going to receive the body count camo? It was in platinum division.

    • I don’t know, but there is a chance you will get it, if they only check the clan members at the start and at the end. If you don’t get it (wait until you clan mates received it), try contact Activision support (, because you legitimately earned it, if they got some proper tracking system they should see it too.

  8. We just won our fourth clan war on gold or higher and we didn’t receive the body count uniform but unlocked the patch for Costa Rica and the background do u think we will get it or should I call customer support

    • Interesting, they always unlocked the other stuff with the patches at the same time. A message to the support is a good idea.

  9. My former clan “GCH” was in the platinum division and then the next clan wars was knocked down to the silver division .what happened to the gold division ? Why get knocked down to silver?

    • It is very interesting to drop down two division at once, perhaps there were more active clans, who achieved better divisions at that time so they knocked down the lesser active clans. Or it is bugged, who knows.

      • It isn’t about being active, me and my clan were in platinum division we played the entire clan wars. but the team we faced came out with 900 cp at the end. the moment we would take them off a node, almost INSTATNLY they took it back. But we still had CP at the end of the war and we got bumped down from platinum to silver.

        And the answer activision gave me was pretty much this.

        “Thats just how the game works”


        “Its the rules of the game”

        I can understand getting bumped to gold since we didn’t place 1-3 but why the hell did we get bumped down to silver?

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